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Basic Calculator 1

Basic Calculator 1 x86 x64 free download

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Basic Calculator 1

At a time when the complexity is seen as a virtue and degree in computer science may not be such a bad idea, sometimes it’s nice to get back to basics. Basic Calculator is relative to the breath of fresh air. It is as simple as a calculator can be, and that the abacus. This is totally in appearances unfussii like to Basic Calculator is pure simplicity.

isvhat calculator to do

The interface consists of a square containing 17 keys: the keyboard Anumerical a decimal point key button ‘C’bi purified latest calculation of the four buttons for the preparation of the most commonly used functions of mathematicsand finally, and perhaps most importantly, the ‘equals’ characters. Sequential manipulation of the keys allovsthe user to make an infinite number of budgets as they involve nothing more complicated than a simple addition or subtraction multiplication division. The most obvious application for such a simpletaongbahagiang vision device. The buttons are large and easy to read which is easy to use Samis or touchscreen. It would also be a good first calculator for childjust starting your magical mathematical way.

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Basic Calculator signifies a welcome returnsimplicity of early computer program. If all you need is to add up the shopping list is perfect.

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